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Published 26/06/2017 01.24 PM  | Updated 24/01/2020 11.02 AM
Q. What is Choose Your Holiday Home?
Choose Your Holiday Home allows our guests to choose which location and which holiday home they stay in on park during their time with us. Should your booking be eligible for Choose Your Holiday Home, you'll receive an email from Haven inviting you to log into My Haven Holiday and pre-select your holiday home and location ahead of your break.

Q. What parks are on Choose Your Holiday Home?
All parks with the exception of Reighton Sands and Kiln Park.

Q. How much does it cost to Choose Your Holiday Home?
It will cost from £30 to access the Choose Your Holiday Home system and pick a holiday home for a short break and £50 for a week, excluding Saturday arrivals.

Q. How do I book Choose Your Holiday Home?
Choose Your Holiday Home is only available to guests who have booked through or through a newspaper promotion, if you have booked through your park or our Haven Contact Centre you will need to log on to the Haven website and create an account.

You will receive an invite which will link you through to My Haven Holiday, where you can choose your location or upgrade your holiday home, based on the grade of holiday you have booked. For example, if you have booked a Prestige holiday home, the website map will show you all the Prestige holiday homes and any upgrades available during your break for you to choose from.

Q. Do I get anything extra included in my price?
The price you pay for this guarantees you a holiday home in a location of your choosing, if you choose to upgrade your van, new features will be included.

Q. I haven't paid in full, will the cost be added to my booking or do I need to pay for this now?
The additional cost will need to be paid at the time of booking. If payment is not made prior to arrival, you will not be allocated a home on the Choose Your Holiday Home scheme but will recieve an allocated home by the park team.

Q. Can I amend my selection once I've booked?
If you wish to amend your booking please call your holiday park or speak to our Contact Centre team who will be happy to assist you.

Q. What customer support is there?
Our park teams are on hand to assist you with any questions relating to your Choose Your Holiday Home booking as they have the ability locally to manage your booking.

Q. I've made an error on my booking, what do I do?
We ask all our guests invited to log into their My Haven Holiday account and follow the step-by-step process for Choose Your Holiday Home as this is an online scheme.

Hopefully these FAQs will answer any queries. However, if you feel you have made an error on your booking, please call your park team who will be happy to help.

Q. Am I entitled to a refund?
Yes you are, if you've made an incorrect booking on the Choose Your Holiday Home scheme or wish to cancel your Choose Your Holiday Home add on, you can do so at any time. Any refunds will be as per our Terms and Conditions.

Please give your park team a call and they'll be happy to help.

Q. What happens if I want to change the location or van once I arrive on park?
Once you arrive on park, you can speak to the Reception team if you want to make any changes, they will do their best to help.

Q. How do I check-in to this holiday home?
You can go straight to Reception, where your keys and Welcome Pack will be waiting for you. Please check your confirmation for your check-in time.

Q. Can I upgrade?
Yes of course you can, all vans that are available to upgrade to can be found on the map, once you've selected an upgraded van, you will see a list of key features.

Q. Is this scheme open to all guests on park?
This service is only available on selected parks for the 2020 season and the following exclusions will apply:
7 Night bookings arriving on a Saturday
Dog Friendly Newspaper promotional bookings
A booking of more than 7 nights
3rd Party bookings

Q. I chose a holiday home. I've changed my mind and want to cancel my Choose Your Holiday Home and just keep my original booking can I do this?
Yes of course. Please call your park team and they can issue a refund for Choose Your Holiday Home. This will not affect your original booking in anyway.

We would love your feedback on this service, so please do let us know what prompted you to change your mind.

Q. I come to Haven regularly. Why do I have to pay when I was given the area I wanted for free previously?
The objective of Choose Your Holiday Home is to see, that for a small charge, for those guests that do make a request, that they get the holiday home and location of their choosing, rather than being automatically allocated by our system.

By being part of choosing your holiday home as an add-on to your booking, you are guaranteeing your location on park.

Q. Can I link another booking to mine so I can be close with my family?
You currently cannot link your booking to another – you can choose your holiday home and the let your friends or family know your location on the website, they can then go on and book.

Q. I can't view Choose Your Holiday on My Haven Holiday. Why is this?
This may be because you are viewing the scheme outside of our season open dates of March to October or within the 2 week cut off before arrival.

Q. I am having issues with the website, what do I do?
If you have followed the step-by-step guide on the website, and these FAQs don't answer your query, please give our park teams a call or use the webchat function to talk directly to our call centre.

Q. I can see there are no more holiday homes available in my chosen criteria, will more become available at a later date?
We have a limited number of holiday homes available per park. This means that all availability is on a first come, first served basis. Due to the limited number of holiday homes, availability may change due to cancellations but this is likely to be rare due to the nature of the scheme and the holiday homes available per grade.

Q. Can I reserve the location and book it later?
We only allow guests to choose their holiday home location once an original booking has been made.

Q. Where do I feedback about my experience as a Choose Your Holiday Home customer?
Firstly, you can always speak to our park teams either pre or during your break, we would love to hear all your feedback. You can also fill in the feedback survey on the Choose Your Holiday Home website.

Q. I've booked onto the Choose Your Holiday Home scheme. What does a 'quiet area' mean?
This means that the location of your holiday home isn't near any main roads or main thoroughfares on the park.

Q. What does a 'sea view' mean?
This means that there is a view of the sea out of your main living room window.

Q. What does 'close to the main facilities' mean?
This means that your holiday home location is a maximum of 2-3 minutes walk away from our complex. This area may not be flat.

Q. Why can’t I see what holiday home I am allocated into before I make a choice?
All our holiday homes are allocated on arrival at the park, if you wish to guarantee a particular holiday home please use the Choose Your Holiday Home feature.

Q. Where do I see what's included in my holiday home?
There is a list of attributes or features that your holiday home includes listed when selecting your holiday home. Please log back into My Haven Holiday and you can see this list per holiday home.

Q. Do I get any discount on this element of the holiday?
No. All discounts apply only to your accommodation booked and not anything additional such as Choose Your Holiday Home.

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