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  1. Can we bring our dog?

    We love dogs. There are a few breeds we do not allow because they're on the dangerous dogs list: Pit Bull Terrier, Dogo Argentino, Fila Brasileiro and Japanese Tosa. And a heads-up; if you have...
    Date Updated: 17/10/2018
  2. Can my friends and family visit me?

    Absolutely! As an owner, you’ll receive 10 Privilege Cards. They give your guests full access to all the facilities. And as we always say, ‘the more, the merrier,’ so if you need any extra cards, you...
    Date Updated: 17/10/2018
  3. When are your parks open?

    Our park opening dates vary depending whether you are a holiday maker or own your own holiday home on our parks, here they are:   Park Holidays Ownership Allhallows 15 Mar - 4 Nov 2019 1 Mar -...
    Date Updated: 06/03/2019
  4. When can I stay in my holiday home?

    Each park varies slightly in the number of months that it is open for you to enjoy your holiday home. It can’t be used as a substitute for your main residence. Our park opening dates vary depending...
    Date Updated: 31/12/2018
  5. What is your Help to Buy scheme?

    We'll take £6,000 off the purchase price of your new caravan if you sign up for our Holiday Home Letting Service to offset the cost. You just need to let your holiday home often enough to make £2,000...
    Date Updated: 31/12/2018
  6. Can I move my caravan to your park?

    You can choose to move your caravan from anywhere in the mainland UK to any of our 8 participating parks; Church Farm, Craig Tara, Far Grange, Haggerston Castle, Presthaven, Seton Sands...
    Date Updated: 05/03/2019
  7. Do I have to change my holiday home every 5 or 10 years?

    You should be able to enjoy your holiday home for as long as you like, you just need to take good care of it and make sure it’s safe and well maintained. The initial licence period for the occupation...
    Date Updated: 17/10/2018
  8. If I let my holiday home, what kind of income can I get?

    As you can imagine income through our Holiday Home Letting Scheme varies widely depending on your grade of accommodation, date, duration and holiday park so each park has a lettings guide you'll be...
    Date Updated: 17/10/2018
  9. Can I choose where my holiday home is within the park?

    Of course you can. Choose your plot from the list of available pitch locations, you'll be shown these on your park visit. Please note, this is for owners only, not holidaymakers.
    Date Updated: 05/03/2019
  10. What happens if I want to leave the park?

    We understand circumstances can change. There are three options when selling your holiday home. Firstly, the park reserves the right of first refusal at the offer price. If you decide not to go with...
    Date Updated: 17/10/2018

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