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  1. How can I amend my holiday?

    We understand that sometimes you may need to make changes to your original booking. We will always try to accommodate any booking changes for you. If you wish to amend your stay within 24 hours of...
    Date Updated: 08/11/2018
  2. Can I upgrade my holiday?

    We understand that you may change your mind about your holiday needs and may like to change your accommodation after you book. Whether you need an extra bedroom, more space or a newer model, we are...
    Date Updated: 08/04/2019
  3. What is included in the price of my holiday?

    Our prices include accommodation, gas, electricity and Fun Passes for every person named on the booking. These give you access to the daytime and evening entertainment, swimming pools and sports and...
    Date Updated: 17/10/2018
  4. What is an Activity Bundle?

    If you enjoy planning your holiday before you arrive then our Activity Bundle is just the thing for you and your family. We have a range of activities at each park for you to enjoy, and the option to...
    Date Updated: 15/05/2019
  5. On my easy monthly payment plan, can I skip a payment for one month and pay double next month?

    We cannot cancel one payment on the easy monthly payment plan. We also cannot change the date of one payment so it is not possible to skip a month and pay double the next. If you are not able to...
    Date Updated: 31/12/2018
  6. How can I pay for my holiday?

    New bookings   If you are making your booking online, we can only accept a credit or debit card payment at the time of booking. We do not charge for using a credit/debit card, but please be...
    Date Updated: 01/11/2018
  7. When do I have to pay for my holiday?

    If you are booking your holiday to arrive within the next 10 weeks, we ask for full payment at the time of booking. If you are booking in advance and your arrival date is more than 10 weeks away, we...
    Date Updated: 31/12/2018
  8. How can I cancel my booking?

    We always hope that you don't need to cancel your holiday booking. If you do, please call our team on 0333 202 5435 as soon as you know so that we can offer you alternative options. If you have our...
    Date Updated: 08/11/2018
  9. Is the easy monthly payment plan a direct debit?

    Our easy monthly payment plan is an automated card payment, not a direct debit. This means that we only need your card details and not your sort code and account number. Because of this, if your card...
    Date Updated: 31/12/2018
  10. If I choose the easy monthly payment plan and I pay off my balance early, will you still take the monthly payment?

    If your booking is paid in full, we won't take any further payments from your card.
    Date Updated: 31/12/2018

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