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  1. Do I have to change my holiday home every 5 or 10 years?

    You should be able to enjoy your holiday home for as long as you like, you just need to take good care of it and make sure it’s safe and well maintained. The initial licence period for the occupation...
    Date Updated: 31/10/2019
  2. How can I change the lead name on my booking?

    It may be possible for you to change a lead name or other guests names on the booking, but this will be subject to certain identification checks and may be subject to further charges...
    Date Updated: 31/10/2019
  3. How does the easy monthly payment plan work?

    Our easy monthly payment plan is a simple way of spreading the cost of your holiday over a monthly basis instead of paying everything up front. You'll pay your deposit and arrange for the remaining...
    Date Updated: 31/12/2018
  4. Is the easy monthly payment plan a direct debit?

    Our easy monthly payment plan is an automated card payment, not a direct debit. This means that we only need your card details and not your sort code and account number. Because of this, if your card...
    Date Updated: 31/12/2018
  5. Can I still see caravans for sale across all of your parks?

    New Yes, we've left all of our current caravans for sale on the website and our team will endeavour to keep those listings up to date during this time. If you’re interested in a particular caravan then...
    Date Updated: 20/03/2020
  6. If I let my holiday home, what kind of income can I get?

    As you can imagine income through our Holiday Home Letting Scheme varies widely depending on your grade of accommodation, date, duration and holiday park so each park has a lettings guide you'll be...
    Date Updated: 31/10/2019
  7. I have moved address, how do I change this on my booking?

    Please let us know that you have moved by calling us on 0330 100 66 33. We'll ask you to confirm some security details and then we'll be happy to change your address for you. Otherwise, get in touch...
    Date Updated: 31/10/2019
  8. Can I add a dog to my booked holiday?

    We have designated dog-friendly grades of accommodation at most of our parks that you'll need to book if you would like to bring a dog on holiday with you.  If you have already booked your...
    Date Updated: 31/10/2019
  9. I haven't received my confirmation. What should I do?

    Email confirmations should arrive within 1 hour of making your holiday booking and postal confirmations usually take up to 5 working days to arrive if you have booked directly with us.   If you...
    Date Updated: 31/10/2019
  10. Where can I buy Rory, Bradley or other Seaside Squad merchandise?

    We sell merchandise for all of our characters at the convenience stores on our parks. We don't currently offer the option to purchase merchandise once you have left the park.
    Date Updated: 31/10/2019

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